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Ofsted Reviews

What Ofsted says about our schools

Henry Chadwick

Senior leaders and governors have an accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and priorities for improvement.

Pupils make good progress from their different starting points in Year 2.

Pupils learn to read with confidence.

Pupils enjoy taking on different responsibilities within the school.


The Friary School

A culture of high aspiration now pervades this rapidly improving school

An ambitious programme of change has brought about significant improvements to teaching, the curriculum, to pupils’ behaviour

Safeguarding is given high priority. Leaders in the school have ensured that the pupils are safeguarded well.

The school is an inclusive community. Pupils from different backgrounds learn to get on well with one another. The school successfully prepares pupils for life in multicultural Britain, including by fostering understanding of the importance of British values.

The support for pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities is good. These pupils make good progress during their time in school.

Pupils at the school make good progress in the sixth form because of good teaching.

Governors are skilled, experienced, determined and hard working. They are very ambitious for the school and, in turn, say that they are inspired by the changes taking place.


Queen’s Croft High School

School leaders are unswerving in their commitment to making sure that the school secures successful outcomes for all its pupils.

The sixth form is well led, and students are happy, safe and make good progress. They receive very good-quality advice. This helps them make choices about the next steps of their education

Pupils and students receive high-quality support, advice and guidance. They are presented with choices and options at different stages of their time in school.

The support for pupils with complex needs has been developed sensitively and creatively to promote a sensory curriculum appropriate to their needs.



Although we are now a Multi School Trust, we know it’s important that each school performs well individually and our students make good progress throughout their education.


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