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Queen's Croft High School

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Queen’s Croft High School

A Learning Community

Queen’s Croft High School is a learning community for youngsters who find learning difficult. A generic Special School, it serves students with a range of special educational needs from Lichfield and the surrounding towns and villages, including Burntwood, Rugeley and Armitage. Pupils are valued for who they are and provided with exciting things to do. We have high standards of behaviour and high standards of care. Pupils are given the opportunity to achieve and the support to succeed in all of this and the national curriculum.

Celebrating Individual Success

Queen’s Croft governors, staff, parents and stakeholders collaborate to develop educational attainment, social and communication skills and emotional resilience in every individual student with a view to supporting their lifelong inclusion in wider society.

Our Vision


Students of Queen’s Croft will feel safe at school and secure in being able to discover and explore their individual ambitions and interests both inside and outside of their school environment


Students at Queen’s Croft will be offered an education where delivery is of the highest standard and appropriately nurtures, supports and challenges their social, educational and personal development


Students at Queen’s Croft will be helped to develop a transferable toolkit of skills and offered appropriate opportunities to support their transition into wider society


The Queen’s Croft community celebrates individual success by ensuring that everyone has their voice, contributions and achievements fully recognised and fairly rewarded

Our Values


Every member of the Queen’s Croft community demonstrate kindness, compassion and consideration in every action and interaction


The school environment, every activity and every project is designed to be fully inclusive


We demonstrate respect for other people, organisations and the environment in everything we do


We will demonstrate meaningful interactions to show that Queen’s Croft High School is influential and at the heart of the local community


We offer exceptional learning opportunities through our teaching, pastoral and enrichment practice to support our students in achieving their full potential


We recognise success in the students’ experience of Queen’s Croft High School and in their individual destinations including further education, work, family life and social context

Debbie is an experienced headteacher who has extensive experience of teaching pupils with a wide range of additional needs from pre-school to GCSE and beyond. She has a high level of professional expertise in managing the behaviour of pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs.

Debbie has a strong commitment to providing pupils with challenging and engaging learning opportunities and believes her core purpose is to ensure pupils are happy, safe and feel appreciated for who they are. She believes this is the best foundation for pupils to make academic progress and reach their potential and prepare for the next stage of their life.

Debbie Bailey

Headteacher, Queen's Croft High School


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