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School Support

Every pupil should receive the best possible education

The Greywood Support Package

The Greywood Multi-Schools Trust (GMST) maintains a strong central support service that prioritises the steering of resources to the chalk-face so that every child receives the best possible education on a daily basis.

This commitment ensures that the Greywood team dedicates its resources to providing the monitoring, challenge and support which will facilitate your school in delivering the inspirational learning journey every child deserves.

The central provision provides services to assist with central organisational pillars, such as school improvement, finance, human resources and standards, as well as delivering targeted support on more specific strands, whether it be marketing or recruitment, ICT or safeguarding, SEND or literacy.

School Improvement

The Greywood team’s school improvement arm focuses on the areas where your school requires support; whether it be an under-performing department, classroom management challenges, a curriculum change, analysis of data or accountability measurements.

‘School Improvement’ support with the Greywood MST would include:

  • A comprehensive baseline assessment of provision in order to identify, benchmark and map school improvement
  • The provision of targeted support – in correlation with individual school improvement plans – to enable enhanced effectiveness
  • Sustained and consistent quality assurance and monitoring to ensure accurate and progressive evaluation of improvement
  • Collaboration with the Greywood team of schools and wider partners to share best practice and to bring in specialist support
  • Full support leading up to and during any external evaluation of school performance


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”  ~ Malcolm X

Governance & Leadership

The Greywood team values it leaders as it will be their vision and direction which will be the bedrock of any sustained school success. Leadership in schools comes in many different forms; ranging from a chair of governors leading the analysis of school budgets to the lunchtime supervisor preparing children for afternoon lessons. The Greywood support seeks to enable everyone in a school – governors, staff and students – to play an active and effective part in propelling the school forward so that every success is owned by every individual.

‘Governance & Leadership’ support with the Greywood MST would include:

  • Extensive governance support and training to ensure delivery on statutory and legal obligation, as well as fulsome integration into school life
  • Clear and transparent communication and collaboration between individual schools, governors and GMST
  • Maintain effective and transparent connections and identities so that all school, governor and GMST leaders remain integral to every school’s improvement
  • Full understanding of the roles and deliverables of all MST leaders so that there are shared goals and ambitions which are supported by clear and secure leadership networks and structures
  • Targeted leadership coaching and developmental programmes to create, develop and establish effective leaders at all levels of the MST


“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.”  ~ Nelson Mandela

Finance & Resources

The Greywood team co-ordinate and systemise processes in order to maintain efficiencies, so that maximum resources can be deployed in children’s learning, and individual schools can target their energies on their key areas of improvement.

‘Finance and Resources’ support with the Greywood MST would include:

  • Transparent, systematic and precise financial management of every school so that senior leaders in schools are equipped with the insight and resources to action school improvement
  • Full support so that each school can operate and fulfil all statutory financial and resource requirements which are integral to academy status
  • Extensive and cost-efficient approaches to procurement, services, contracts, external bids and estate management so that economies of scale are maximised
  • Full HR, legal, pay roll and marketing / communication support – ranging from recruitment to complex casework, and legislative change to training


“The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.”  ~ Robert John Meehan

ICT & Learning Technologies

The Greywood team understands the importance of preparing children for the inter-connected and technologically diverse world they are growing into, but also appreciates that the more rudimentary back office, security and day-to-day ICT facilitates are essential to the smooth-running of any school. Our collective provision of ICT and learning technologies will retain financial viability, but also be personalised, flexible and enable teachers to add to their classroom provision.

‘ICT & Learning Technologies’ support with the Greywood MST would include:

  • Centralised provision of all core ICT facilities – ranging from broadband to school management systems – alongside individual developmental approaches which can then be disseminated across the wider team
  • Comprehensive advice and support on technicalities, procurement, strategy, and security
  • Staff development and collaborative projects across the MST to support and facilitate continuing professional development
  • Targeted and appropriate safeguarding and e-safety guidance for staff and children

“Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.” ~ George Couros

Enrichment & Inspiration

The Greywood team values the uniqueness and imagination of every single teacher which ensures that a child can be inspired or motivated by an approach or moment that cannot always be encapsulated in a detailed plan or a page of data. There is a real appreciation that when dealing with children it is important not to forget that wonder and inspiration are just as an important a tool as any for successful learning.

‘Enrichment and Inspiration’ support with the Greywood MST would include:

  • Shared use of facilities and resources so that opportunities in one school can be disseminated across the wider team
  • Local, national and international partnerships – with businesses, educational organisations and community groups – which bring real-life into the classroom and children into the heart of the communities in which they and their families live
  • A commitment to strategic and imaginative enrichment which is complementary and planned alongside core deliverables and accountabilities
  • Parental liaison and partnerships which foster a collaborative and dual approach to supporting and enriching every child’s learning

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


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